Style Sheet

1. Manuscripts, written in either Spanish or English, should be 15-25 pages in length (including endnotes and bibliography) and formatted in accordance with the general precepts of the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (2nd ed.), New York: MLA, 1998, and this style sheet in particular. The font used for the main text will be Palatino Linotype 12 points and 10 points for notes and exempt quotations. Submissions should be sent by email as an attachment in Microsoft Word.

2. The MLA format eliminates the need for many notes. The use of note should be kept to a minimum since most material is often better incorporated into the text. Notes should be typed at the end of the article and indicated in the text at the end of a sentence by placing the number of the note in brackets [15], not in parentheses and not in superscript. Authors must ensure that footnote numbers in the text are clearly legible and that notes are correctly numbered in sequence. Under no circumstances should the footnote option in your word processing application or an external application such as EndNote or RefWorks be utilized. Accepted articles that do not conform to this request will be returned to the author for modification before the copy-editing process will be initiated.

3. Voces uses the Modern Languages Association (MLA) style of parenthetic referencing, and all references must be given in this format. Please consult the MLA Style Manual and the examples below. Authors are expected to check that all in-text references are appropriately included in the list of Works Cited that accompanies their essay.

4. Voces prefers the use of italics rather than underlining for titles of literary works and other writings, and for titles of films, musical compositions, and works of art.

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