Voces del Caribe, or Caribbean Voices is an interactive digital archive of images, texts and music from the Caribbean. Voces is a scholarly tool that aims to preserve and make accessible the images, texts and music that identify the Hispanic Caribbean. Currently, these rich and original cultural materials and artistic expressions are scattered throughout the Caribbean in a variety of public repositories, private collections and forgotten file drawers among other locations. This puts original, fragile and/or irreplaceable materials at risk and poses great challenges to archivists, researchers and others who need or want access to them. Unless identified, catalogued, preserved and made accessible, this treasure trove of documents, art, music and other cultural expression specific to the Caribbean could be lost or, at best, left incomplete.

This collaborative project identifies, preserves and makes available, the resources and human history of the Hispanic Caribbean through a comprehensive digital research archive that employs the latest technology to allow people worldwide to search for and retrieve information, such as images, music, maps, and literary texts. Users will be able to access digital sources that will aid in the preservation efforts and serve as a model for the vital role new technologies can play in preserving and providing access to valuable and previously unavailable cultural studies, expressions and artifacts.

Voces del Caribe was the brainchild of Professor H.J. Manzari and students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute as they were completing their junior year Interactive Qualifying Projects. In particular, Artur Janc, Paul Kastner and Katarzyna Koscielska as well as experts and scholars from universities around the world serving on our advisory board. Currently, Voces is hosted at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA. We welcome your comments and contributions at hjmanzari@washjeff.edu.

The Voces del Caribe E-Journal has issued a Call for Papers.

Principal Investigator:
Dr. H.J. Manzari, Washington and Jefferson College

Dr. Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Lisa M. Noetzel, College of Coastal Georgia
Dr. Angel Rivera, WPI

Research Assistant:

Maria Albert, Washington & Jefferson College

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